Friday, September 18, 2009

Priceless Birthday Card

I was in a hurry to make something for "my half". I don't have much time to do it because his birthday is coming up and its gonna be tomorrow.What..!!I'm not prepared!!! So, i come up to an idea that i have to make something special and made by myself. As you know, i like to do art and creative stuff. And since i don't know how to bake a cake why not make it in a card?

After couple of hours, here's the result of my cake card. The outside part i created candle which represents an "i love you" letters in it and i wrote a word "make a wish " thing before he opens it.

The cake is located in the center of the letter and i put a ribbon in each side of it. I cut out some letters and words to make a "happy 22nd b-day my love" and at the bottom of it is my special message.

Here are the materials i used:
art papers
cut out letters

decorative flowers
double sided tape

Believe me, its very simple and easy. It is very cost effective and the person will appreciate it because it is made with an effort and love.And remember, uniqueness and art made it possible.

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