Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My first driving lesson

"If you wanna save the marriage, don't let your husband teach you to drive" that's what my friends told me and even in the Fil-Am marriages public forum that I've been reading. Almost everyone were against that husbands are not the best teacher to their wife in terms of driving lesson.

Today was my first time to drive in a car with my hubby was on passenger seat. I was really nervous and so tense since i don't have any idea on how to run a car.First, we found an empty parking lot near at the Food for Less store. From there, i started to turn on the car and go slow. We start on basics which I drove around in circles and practice making easy turns - left and right. Practice smooth braking and just  get a feel for a car. Was driving around for two hours and made me so sweaty after (lol).

As a beginner,i find it challenging and difficult. It needs more effort and practice to be able for me to attain one of my certain goals. So far so good.We didn't fight or argue yet. LoL...I guess i was just lucky because my hubby  have a lot of patience and understanding.


  1. I feel you. My husband tried to teach me on how to drive and we always end up fighting until we decided to just enroll me for a driving lesson..hahahaha

    thanks for the visit..would you mind to exchange links?

    happy weeknd!

  2. wow buti ka pa marunong na magdrive..:D

  3. ehhehe...thats good te...:)

  4. My husband taught me how to drive and still I didn't learned Haha. So I decided just to enroll in driving school. Luckily I passed my driving test and I got my driver's license last August. Goodluck to you girl! Have fun driving! :)


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