Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An Online Shopping Experience

I love shopping. One doesn't have to be rich and wear signature clothes in order to look good and feel good. I have always been a fan of "fashion for less" items. I don't go for expensive designer clothing(even though I do own a few articles of them), as long as they're comfortable to wear, made of durable and quality materials, and at a good price, I will go for it.
I've always been a window shopper on the internet.Snooping around different clothing stores but none of them caught my attention until I found Wholesale-Dress.Net. At first I was doubtful of the site because of their very low prices and pretty nice dresses. I was extra cautious at first, especially on internet where scams are everywhere! First, I saved the site to my bookmarks on my laptop and researched about their company, especially the feedback and reviews of the customers that have been to this site. I got interested since I read alot of positive responses about the site, so I signed up and started shopping! LoL... Everytime there's a dress that I like, I save it to my favorites section. I bought a couple of dresses as a gift for myself on my birthday and to see if it is really true and it is! It was great! I love all of it and I was really satisfied with what I got from them. It was made of quality materials and it was a perfect fit for me. When I try to contact their costumer service to ask a favor or to ask questions they are very accommodating and very polite. The shipping was reasonable in price and super fast delivery.
I took picture of a couple of dresses that I bought from them:
Color block Elastic Waist Flowers Dress. I got this on sale for only $ 4.44 at original price $8.22
Strap Chiffon Sundress blue---I got this on sale for only $2.99 at original price $4.99

After months of shopping on their site, I just recently found out that they have a Fan Page on Facebook. I added them and joined one of their cool and fun games!

I got this as my prize for joining the game..I didn't pay anything from them..its all FREE and FUN :)
Buying online is great, convenient, and worry-free, especially with so much inventory to choose from. Wide range of choice of fashionable and different clothing styles, super fast and reasonable delivery service,No minimum orders of retails products on wholesale prices, and the very friendly Multi-lingual customer service they have. Its all in one at Wholesale-Dress.Net . I'm sure I will deal transactions again from them without any hassle :-).


  1. wow nman..it is very nice flor..i love it...hope i can join also...how?hehehe

  2. i love your dresses dhay,,,,you look good on it...be bless..

  3. nice jud cia dhai..as in...i really love the dresse they have online...

  4. and you got the best look in those dresses jud dhai...it enhances the beauty you got...

  5. wow...my sis looks like a professional model huh...ikaw na jud na...hope to upload my photos and make my own blog....
    you look like a barbie girl...hehehe...

  6. I like your selections dhay, I saw the site and their prices and dresses are so good gyud. Would it be nice if I could buy some of those and have something to giveaway. My blog's gonna celebrate it's blogsversary soon. Thanks for the visit by the way.

  7. low....ganda naman ng model jan..c jong to...couz moo..in fairness huh...magaganda ang mga dresses....

  8. naks online shopping. totchal! :D

  9. wow! how nice! i will definitely check this site. thanks for sharing!

  10. talaga? dati rin kasi parang gusto ko bumili dyan pero prang sabi nila pangit daw quality. di ba?

    hey im having a giveaway in my site, baka you might wanna join :D


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