Wednesday, September 15, 2010

About Rolfeinna's Blog

After a year of trial and error, I come up to a new title and face of my blog. As you guys remember, it was 'The Footprints' when i first started. Then I realized that it is common and  few people already have it. So i come up to a point why not make a title which is personal, simple yet unique from everybody.  

Rolfeinna's Blog, that's the last thing that comes to my mind. It is actually my name 'Annie Flor ' which is I spelled reversed and made it in one word. I finally got a chance to explore on blogger. I acquire lots of information on how to design my blog and edit my layout. I also changed my header picture and upload my photo facing the pacific ocean.It was taken when the family and I went to Lincoln City coast to celebrate my first year in the US.

This blog is all about my personal experience, thoughts, opinion and reviews in terms of entertainment, fashion, travel, arts and crafts, lifestyle and all about life in general. I hope that through this blog, it could touch, inspire, learn and brighten up your day.

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