Sunday, September 26, 2010

A home away from home

As I mentioned my post last week that hubby and I are moving to our own place together. Yep, it happened Monday when we signed the lease and during that day, we started carrying our stuff from our storage all the way from our apartment Thanks to our friends and family members who have always  there to help us . After organizing and putting stuff together on the right place for couple days, I just thought I'd like to share some photos of our new humble home away from home.

Our tiny living room with the entertainment unit with it. Beside is our dining area. Hubby doesn't want to put the table and chairs since the space is not big enough to fit everything but i keep pursuing it since i really like the set up and theme. It came out good and we got compliments from it :).

My favorite part of our place is the kitchen where i can find the food and eat all day (lol..kidding!) . Seriously, I'd rather to spend my whole time there and cook. It is my passion and I might make a blog all about food someday. 
Last is our bedroom where I put all my collection of stuffed animals there for now and next to that is the  closet  and computer table . Ohh how i like it so hubby and I can sit beside each other when he plays his games and I do my thing on internet.


  1. lovely home.. : )

    and oh.. would love to have you and your hubby as one of our featured couple for october, just by simply sharing your love story.. visit us at...

  2. thank you :)
    i would love too share our love story...i'll let you know

  3. dhai ikaw na jud very happy for you...upon reading your blogs i was so amaze of your experience and new lifestyle their...i just can't imagine that the pretty quiet and kimi na c flor would experince foreign life and very happy with her loving foreign so happy for you my friend....Gid bless and more blessing to come...its me milvie gudelos...

  4. hahaha..good to know na ikaw ni Dhay..abi nko Dhay,,..God showered me so much Blessing and i couldn't ask for more..I'm so Blessed :)..mwah!


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