Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm on Twitter

Twitter is one of those those social networking website which enable each person to communicate and stay connected with your friends,family, co-workers, ordinary people and even popular individuals. It is a rich source of instantly updated information in a wide variety of topics. Almost everyone are crazy about it since it is incredibly 'in' today.

I've been sign up in twitter a year now but i never get to use it since i was busy and most of my friends are into Facebook, until I heard it on every show, television even famous celebrities are using and twitting about it. Until then, i got interested and i open my account there. Followed few of my favorite actress and host on television that i admired to. I think its cool because it is so easy to use, get connected  with your friends , keep in touch with  your favorite celebrities and you got to know to them better as an ordinary people as they update their lifestyle behind the camera. I'm just go with the flow but a little bit of extra cautious and not give too much information about it. Its just my one way of entertainment and fun over the web.

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