Friday, September 10, 2010

In 10 days

Its gonna be Christmas!!! LoL..(kidding aside). I'm just anxious because we will be moving to apartment ten days from now. Yeah, we found the one we are looking for. Its not one of those luxurious type of place but something that we call it as our "home". Hubby let me decide which part of  the apartment are we gonna get whether the silent and secluded area where you can have a private place to rest and away from noise or near at the shopping center. Of course i chose the one which I feel that I am not alone and not lonely which is next to the shopping

Last week, we filled up applications and today,we got a call from them that we are approved. My half and i are looking forward to it and counting the days to have our own place again. I start packing and putting some of our stuffs in the box. Start looking for the Christmas decorations that i stored in some place since i  plan to decorate our bedroom Christmas stuff since hubby wants Halloween for the living room. I know! the excitement is all there since this will be our own place place living together.Yay!


  1. wow, congrats on your new apartment happy for you ... thanks for visiting my blog =)
    keep on visiting =)


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