Friday, October 8, 2010

Anniversary Cruise Trip!

***I appreciate the guest post written by James Swain***

My wife Debra and I are currently on the first day of a wonderful four day cruise that we are going on for our anniversary this year. We’ve gone to many places together, but we’ve never had an experience like this! We haven’t even reached our first destination, but everything has already been incredible. The dining attendants treat you like royalty, and there are so many things to do on the ship. Debra and I also have access to a pool and several hot tubs on the deck. There is also an on-board casino, several swanky bars, and even several stores to do a little shopping. 

Tomorrow we reach Nassau. We plan to take a local tour before visiting the famous Atlantis resort. I’m glad I brought my new hearing aid that I learned about from It should really come in handy when listening to everything the tour guide has to say. 

After Nassau, we get to go to a private island to Jet Ski. Afterward, we head to Key West for our final day.
This is the life. I can already tell that we are going to need to go another cruise in the future.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your trip, you are making memories that will last a lifetime!


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