Thursday, October 7, 2010

Are you a pet lover?

When I was in the Philippines, I don't pay attention to our cats (street cats), dogs maybe. They're not my favorite but it doesn't mean I hate them. I don't even remember having my own pet when I grew up. Yeah, we do feed them with our left over food but not to the point of full concern they needed. Then  when hubby came visited me the second time, he saw our cats was skinny and looks hungry. We were at the grocery store that he asked me "honey ko, is there any cat food around here?I wanna buy food for your cats". I was surprised and was like, "what? honey ko, instead of buying food for the cat why not buy food for the people?" (i was mean i 

Until I came here. Hubby and his family are really pets lovers especially on cats. Can you image that when we used to live in my in laws house we have 7 cats  namely, Shadow, Bandit, Mitsy, Innoe, Manny, Bessie and Buffy and 1 dog named Amber. Not including those neighbor's cats rooming around the backyard begging for food. Here, they treat their pets as a member of the family. They buy food ,treats and provide shelter.They also have their own medical insurance and Veterinarian appointment every couple months.They train them as their own kids and they're well taking cared of. Some of you may think  its ridiculous. But I realized whenever I'm alone in the house where everyone is gone for work, they are my company. Animals are also like humans. They have different character, they have life. They also have the right to live, loved and care by us.


  1. Yep.. true. It really helps to have a pet around.. especially dogs. (Ehem.. excuse me lang coz im not really a cat person. Hehe.) Anyway, they'll give you their unconditional love, no questions asked. They'll be able to teach you lessons about loyalty and friendship.

    And yes, they definitely have the right to be loved and cared for. Sure, they're animals.. but they too, deserve the same love and respect.

    Well... just dropping by. Hehe..

  2. Hi Anne, I remember when I was in high school we only had one pet a dog. It was my brother's pet but we all love him. I am not a pet lover I guess but it doesn't mean I don't like animals. Oh before I forgot I had one short love affair of my "Esther" she is a chicken!! We tried to raise 24 chickens and 1 rooster and only "Esther" is the one who is getting close to me to the point that she came inside the house and followed me where ever I go specially when I am outside our yard. Until our neighboring dog came and massacre them, one of the victim is "Esther"!! That makes me cry. My first time to cry for an animal. That time I understand why my brother went to our neighbors house at hinahamon niya nang suntukan yung kapitbahay namin because he found out that our neighbor poison our dog my brothers pet. I remember my "Ester" now and I am teary eyed wahhhh!!

  3. @Sis Leah: Me either...I'm not really into cat person but my hubby really love them so i love them as well...Ohh yah, my mother in law have a very cutie yorky dog. Napamahal na nga ako dun..pra ko din xang lil nga,salamat sa pagdrop by...keep in touch :)

    @Sis Kim: Aw..very touching, nice and sad story naman yan sis ..kami rin, meron din kaming manokan(roosters) ang papa ko noon.Kasi mahilig ang papa ko sa 'sabong'.One time, my elder sis also napamahal sa isang manok at tinawag niya itong 'pulahan' kasi pula ang kulay niya, he's always winning everytime may sabong sa city namin..and the last time natalo xa at namatay...iyak ng iyak ang sis ko. Super sad :(

  4. I love my dogs. They know hoe to cheer me up when I'm down. =)

    Have a Sugary day!
    ~~~ ~~~


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