Friday, October 1, 2010

Cebu Pacific FA's dancing demo

It only has 70 views when I watched this video on Youtube yesterday. Then it happened when I read  this article from yahoo news music featuring about the flight attendants performing the safety demonstration dancing in the song of Lady Gaga's  "just dance" and Katty Perry's "California gurls". Just in two days, there are already 720 thousand viewers of this clip.Wow! Their creative way of doing this demo obviously makes Cebu Pacific's  publicity  better and is one way of advertising the company through the internet in a lesser budget. I'm sure that passengers were entertained and payed attention for once. I just hope that they also listen and understand the safety demonstration as well.


  1. Waaahh!! Natawa ako.. If I'm a passenger, then they really would get my full attention.. It's a creative way of giving out the safety instructions.. Though, I'm not sure if all would be listening. Parang lahat kasi, eh naaaliw sa sayaw. Hihihi.. Nevertheless, this is very creative.

  2. uu nga Sis..CebPac's gaining publicity on there clever strategy clip :)

  3. Its nice... so creative and innovative... It could be immitated by others flight... Peace :)


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