Monday, October 4, 2010

David Blaine: Magic or trick?

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"How did you do that?". The first question that asked by everyone about this guy who performs street and close up magic.I remember watched his show when I was a teen the "frozen in time" episode where he was stood encased of massive block of ice for 62 hours something. Can you imagine that? My brother and I were really buzzed if its really true or a there's a trick behind it.

Hubby and I watched travel channel last night and witnessed more of his street magic. From the deck of cards, he knows how to vanish one card through his hand. He also did the mind reading magic, coffee to coins, the  arm twisting illusions, floating in the air,etc. He also performs several strange stunts in front of the public.

What is the secret behind it? Is it a magic? a trick? Does he really read our minds? Do you think its in the card? Does he have power? I don't know how does he do it. All I can say is that David Blaine has an extraordinary talent which is very rare for human being.It is remarkable and I'm so puzzled.

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