Monday, October 18, 2010

Easy On Demand

***Contribution by Johnny Avila***

The 1st time I watched a movie on demand from  it was like a cathartic experience. No more theaters, lines, expensive snacks, obnoxious or rude strangers, it was plain awesome. My roommates and I have even set up a movie night on Mondays where we try to all get together and watch an on demand movie on our satellite tv.

After work, whichever 2 or 3 roommates happen to get home first usually head over to the local grocery store and picks up some soda and beer along with some potato chips. After playing a few fighter type video games to determine who gets to sit on the reclining chairs, we usually start setting up shop. Each week a different roommate gets to pick the movie and then we all enjoy the flick. The best thing is that you save so much money and time when you don't have to drive or get dressed to go to the movie theater or stand in line or pay for their outrageous snack prices. In the living room, the seats are always right in front and there is plenty of arm and leg space for everyone. If its chilly, you can easily go grab a blanket or turn up the heater. And if you're watching a snoozer, you can just nod off to sleep without having to get up to go home.

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