Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Preparations

Its been a long day for me and hubby this weekend. We were busy since yesterday shopping all the stuff we wanted. I think we got everything ready for tomorrow.

We went to K-mart  and try to look for a cheerleader costume since I change my mind (lol)  but unfortunately, we couldn't find one. Although hubby got what he wanna wear to our party tomorrow, we found a Mr. Grim Reaper costume which comes with  bony glove hands and skull face all glow in the dark.  The entire costume includes a mask, gloves, robe and hood which i think spooky looking and also matches with a witch costume. So i decide to be a witch again for the second time ;).

One of our friend will help us prepare the foods for tomorrow. We're planning to cook mummy hotdogs, Halloween cake and cookies, lil smokies. Of course, Filipino foods will not left behind the line(lol) and that includes pancit palabok, lumpia and adobo.

Trick or Treat
One of the high light of the Halloween would be the trick or treat time. We bought bunch of candies in different kinds. I don't know if there will be kids knocking to our door tomorrow since we only live in the apartment but either way, hubby's going to eat it all after (lol).

We make sure that our place is clean and scary looking. We borrowed more Halloween decorations from my in laws which are the spiders with the web in it and we gonna try to put it up tomorrow.

Carved Pumpkins 
At last, hubby already carved the pumpkin that we bought from Win-co a week ago. After an hour of carving, I think he did a good job on it :D.

I wish everyone will have their Halloween fun and enjoyable. Happy Halloween!

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