Monday, October 11, 2010

Hey NBA fans

Are you a sports fanatic? What kind of sports do you like? basketball? football? or boxing? I like basketball. I'm always been a fan of NBA since I was in the Philippines. And yeah! I was influenced by my brother and my dad because they're an avid viewer of basketball. Every time that their favorite team will play, they always missed work or don't go to work at all just to watch the NBA games on television. We even have our own preferred team like Boston Celtics for my brother , Los Angeles Lakers for my dad and Portland Trail Blazers and Dallas Mavericks for yours truly.

Last year, hubby and I and one of our couple friends were planning to watch the last game of Portland Trail Blazer Vs Phoenix Suns at the Rose garden arena but unfortunately, the tickets were all sold out a week before the game. So we end up watching it on television by ourselves instead. Of course, it would nice if you can see it live. This time, I'll make sure that hubby and I will set a day for our 'date night' time to experience how its like when you see it live and not just on the screen. So I searched in advance and found Tickets America. They sell different event  tickets for sports, concert, theater,etc. The price is so reasonable since we are planning to be seated on the front row, upper baseline aisle seats at the 200 level of the stadium. This would be more fun. I would go crazy and scream to death while watching my idol playing.

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