Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I was a witch

Nah, its not what you think guys (lol). What i mean is that my last year's Halloween costume was a 'witch'. My mother in law bought me a witch hat and i just match it with  shirt, skirt, stocking and shoes all in black . Well, it turned out good for me though not really scary looking. It was my first time to dressed up as a witch, experience trick or treat around the neighborhood and witness how people celebrate Halloween in a foreign land.

Days from now, its Halloween again and we're having a Costume party in our  own place together with our family and friends. We already decorated our living room  full of Halloween decorations and also searching for Halloween recipe online and in some of my cooking book. One more thing is that  I'm looking for a Halloween costume ideas that hubby and I gonna wear. I'm thinking of a couple costume for us. A pirate couple sounds good to me or might be a 'chun li' from street fighter while hubby would be a 'ninja' again. I also wanted to be a 'Jasmin' while hubby is 'Alladin'. Might be a witch again or maybe not!(lol). What you think guys? Any ideas? Well, whatever would it be, I'll  keep you posted :).


  1. If you want to ask me..I like the Jasmin and Alladin..hmm.. But a witch and Dracula is also something. Please check out my blog.. i throw something for yah!

  2. Ay.. I've always wanted to join Trick or Treat.. kaso parang wala yatang ganun dito sa amin. Uso lang dito sa probinsya namin, takutan every Halloween night. Hekhek..

    Di rin ako nakatry magsuot ng Halloween costume.. ever. Hay. Tsk! I want to play dress up... maybe, Alice (of Alice in Wonderland). I've tried Cinderella once, sa isang costume party. It was a good experience. =)

    Ay! A pirate would be totally cool!! Of course, you have to get into the character. You know.. the the look, the walk, the whole "pirate talk".. Hehehe...

  3. hi there.. pretty naman ng witch.. I agree - Jasmin and Aladin would be cool.
    thanks for dropping by and leaving a trail to my message box.

  4. Nice costume u got there! :) I still don't know what i'm gonna be for Halloween this year..

  5. @Vichygurl: thanks for the idea sis and i really appreciate the award..mwah!

    @Leah: haha..kakalurka! WoW! i like Cinderella also but i think hindi angkop sa itchura
    yep..pirate is really cool also..may nakita nga akong pirate costume sa party city..ang ganda kaya! kaso nga indi ako marunong mag impersonate..haha! I'll think about it :)

    @A Walk through life: salamat po(blush),i love Jasmin it think it suit me kasi itim ung hair ko..then i like the color blue also..keep in touch!

    @Jen: thank you either!..have fun sayo and pls share some pics on whats ur costume would be..mwah!

  6. Gorgeous! I love witch costumes. :)

  7. elizabeth to...
    your younger sister...
    ...remember the name of the costume of ate ann2x when she join the mascara ball?...ehheh...another version of mine...I suggest "wakwak sa baliti".....heheheh...
    then tambling effect dayon...
    :D :) :P

  8. @Lisa: Whaaat??? pagsure dira oi! can't remember her costume,diba 'Alta Grasya' man to xa gang?I dont wanna be ugly and scary..waahehe..i wanna be a princess...toinks! lol

  9. sis liza to....
    nahhh....wala ka sa fairy tale oi amew...!!!halloween baya....hehehennnntama d i noh...ala na man d i ka ato....hehhee

  10. @Sis Liza: lahi man dri Gang kay masking unsa imong icostume basta comfy lng uu..wala nko ato :P


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