Saturday, October 9, 2010

Meet Buffy

The first time i saw her. I thought she was the biggest and fattest one I've ever seen. She is sweet, loving and very chatty. She's eight years old, 21 lbs in weight and has such a pretty blue eyes. She is my favorite and she's a calico cat named Buffy.

 How did she get so big? What did you feed her? Actually, she's already been a huge cat when hubby got her at the humane society. She lives with us more than two years now. Sometimes we call her Buffy 'the vampire cat' (lol) and a big mama because she's the biggest of all we had.


  1. Hello Buffy. want me to driver you @ home? :)

  2. Waaahh!!! Mygawd! Ang laki niya.. hihi! Parang si Garfield. Fat cat. Ang cute niya.. I'm not really a cat person but I can see that she's very very cute. Parang ang sarap yakapin kasi parang ang lambot. Hahaha.. Anne, does she like to cuddle?

    And unique name ha.. I'd bet that it's named after the vampire slayer, Buffy. Hehehe..

  3. pusa ba yan? parang tiger na yan ah..nyahaha...

  4. Nice cat...
    i want to pet a cat but i already have a hamsters.

  5. @Leah : Ohh yah! she really loves to cuddle :) super sweet nya..I think so, they named it after buffy the vampire slayer..hehe, and u know what? She even know her name kasi everytime na we call ung name nya..sumasagot talaga..super love ko xa :)

    @Enteng: uu pusa xa na American size :)

    Vice: Wow! hubby told me he have one before too :)

  6. Your cat looks so cute and adorable. I think her size makes her look more cute..


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