Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Outdoor Gym

***Posted by Hyman Weeks***

I've been living in a rut of late. The gym was my only solace, but sadly that too has become routine. This is quite depressing for me considering how much I enjoy a good work out. I had a general routine that I followed until two days ago, though. Half my week was cardio, the other half was resistance training. It kept me in shape but it was boring after a while.

Well a few days ago I left the house after settling my home security alarm from www.AllHomeSecurity.com/ and actually stopped myself halfway to the gym. I was driving along and simply stopped. It hit me that I had no real reason to be there. I had no desire to be there beyond routine. I wanted to work out but I could not find the motivation to simply go.

As fate would have it I had stopped near a community park. It was a small place with a track, a few swings, and the little stuff that made kids happy. I had not been to a park like that in years.I thought it would hurt to go check it out. I pulled in and decided to walk around. After a while I found myself jogging around the track for a few laps. I felt silly later but right after that I hopped on the merry-go-round then started swinging on the higher set swings. I laughed myself silly but realized something. I was tired and a little sore. I had gotten my work out after all. I'm thinking about taking a day or two a week now just to go play at my 'outdoor gym'.

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