Sunday, October 24, 2010

My profile picture

Its seven more days to go before Halloween. People get anxious including few of my friends on facebook  since they posted about Halloween stuff like carving pumpkin, costumes and creepy pictures. Well, I got bored again and edited one of my photo courtesy of They feature Halloween effects and textures. It would be cool if I upgrade my account for premium which you can turn your photo into a really creepy and spooky ones but I decided not to since its just for fun.

So, here is my pair share of my Halloween profile photo. It was not exactly what I wanted but I  guess it turned out fine (lol). 


  1. wow, nice one =) super in time with halloween

  2. Cool profile pic sis! ^_^ At least unique concept for Halloween instead of the usual Halloween character :)

  3. thank you guys for the comment..see you around and keep in touch! :),,happy Halloween!

  4. scary ey! i supposed if i changed my fb primary into one of these, shall my friends walked out on me:)))

  5. @Imriz: lol..yah, my sister already said that I have to change my profile pic coz it scares her.
    @Mei: thanks..happy Halloween also

    keep in touch guys..have fun!


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