Saturday, October 2, 2010

Old Navy's clearance sale

Ohh how i love our place next to the shopping center.Yesterday, me and my Filipina friend were strolling at the several stores near in our apartment and  found out that the Old Navy have lots of on sale summer items . Earlier today, hubby and I return to the store and bought couple stuff. I got not only one but four pair of flip flops in different colors and sizes. Hubby also got me two swimwear bikini bottom and one khaki brown short.You cannot beat the prices because we only paid $7.99 for all of it.

Here in the US, this is the good time to buy  summer clothes in a very inexpensive amount .When every season changes they also change the trend and fashion especially right now that cold weather is coming up and most of the stores are getting rid of summer stuff.

What am I gonna do to these things since the weather starts chilly and cold right now?  I wouldn't be able to wear it. Oh well honestly, I'm gonna send it to my sisters back home as one of our Christmas presents to them (lol).


  1. Oh oh I think it's time to visit Old Navy too. Hope it's not too late for all those clearance sale. Thanks for the visit!

  2. Wow that was quite a bargain! :) Its nice to buy so many things at such a cheap price.

  3. go ahead sis kim before its gone..its really good deal :)
    you're right sis Karla,inexpensive and great quality as well ;)


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