Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Property Ladder - My Favorite Real Estate Themed Television Show

***Guest post written by my buddy Lavern Small***

Flipping shows have been popular in recent years as producers try to capture the mystique of house selling gold. The best of these shows is by far the high intensity Property Ladder, where the comically named Kirsten Kemp overcomes her own alliterated name to help young developers learn how to flip properties. The genius of Property Ladder begins with the name. It takes the concept of ladders, where an individual walks up rungs in order to get to a higher location, as a metaphor for climbing out of a economic sewer through the technique of house flipping. Once you get this idea down, the rest of the show starts to make more sense. Kirsten Kemp is an ideal host for this show as she is a moderately attractive blonde woman, but not so freaking attractive and voluptuous that she belongs on a premium channel with lots of exposed skin. Typically a real estate lady must imply sex without overtly displaying it, which is why Kirsten Kemp is perfect for Property Ladder. The show centers around taking cheap properties, fixing them up, and selling them for huge profits. I very skeptical premise, yet I assure you, somehow I manage to find myself captivated by it. I watch Property Ladder every Sunday at 6pm on TLC, part of the basic satellite package offered with my satellite TV from tvbydirect.com.

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