Saturday, November 27, 2010

Blackfriday experience

For those who don't know what Black Friday is. It is the day after thanksgiving where in most retailers  in the United States is having a huge sale. Most of the stores open very early like 4am or earlier. It is traditionally the beginning of Christmas shopping season.

As you guys know, we live near in the shopping center and most of the stores like Best buy, Old Navy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Hallmark, World Market, etc are just walking distance in our apartment. When hubby picked me up after work about 9pm (Thanksgiving day), we drove by the mall and saw a lot of people waiting outside  Old Navy and Best Buy store with there coats, blankets and tents. No kidding! They've been sitting there for  hours very cold just to get those great deals that the stores offer.

I actually work Black Friday and  experience how busy it is. Geeezz! The store was so crowded and full of people. It was really crazy. There were bunch of people waiting in a long line at the register area.  Then  after  work, hubby and I went to target to buy the things that are marked down since they also have  a 2-day sale. Unfortunately, the things were on sale were already gone (lol). Well, I kinda expected it since we arrived there after 7 in the evening and probably it was already gone 30 minutes after they open that morning. So we ended up eating at their little food court area and drive back home.

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