Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Date night with hubby

We are on a budget right now since holiday is right around the corner and we wanna save money for us to buy Christmas presents for the family. Its our day off and hubby wanted to do something just for both of us. So we went to Avalon theater. It is an inexpensive theater which plays movie that is already comes out in a  big theater couple months ago. It is not really bad since it cost us $2.50 per person only. They also have an arcade for you to play on. We arrived there half hour before the movie so we end up playing into their  "Wunderland" games. We won 210 tickets and I exchange it with mini coin purse and 5candies (lol).  Then, when we enter  inside, I was little bit surprise coz the theater was half a size of the normal one. Well, we don't  really mind since we wanna see the movie Despicable Me. The film was absolutely fun, enjoyable and  adorable to watch. Then after, we went to our favorite place to dine in at Joy Teriyaki

I'm glad we still manage to spent time together without spending more bucks in our pocket. Its another wonderful experience with hubby .It was fun indeed :).

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