Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Does Lee Da Hae insults Filipinos?

I came across to Facebook today and one of my friend posted a video regarding this Korean actress from My Girl and Green Rose Lee Da Hae imitates  3 different accent (American,British and Filipino) in a sentence “Excuse me; I'm a little bit thirsty. Can I have a glass of water please?"

Alot of Filipinos reacted to the video and find it very insulting especially to the English teachers in the country.

At first, I found it a little bit offensive for the reason that I disagree that it was a Filipino accent. This came from a country in which some people can't understand nor speak English and most Korean go to Philippines just to learn and study English.

She apologizes right away on her twitter account. As a Filipino, I will never let anyone ruin the reputation of our fellowmen especially Filipino teacher who are competent enough in teaching different field of studies. However, we are just human. We are not perfect. Let's not be hypocrite. We Filipinos also make fun of our own accent, it just happen that other race making fun of us and it was aired on television. Sometimes we tend to do foolish things and there are times that our intention is good but others misunderstood it. Let us try to forgive others and forgive her. This is just my two cents and you have yours. Feel free to comment.


  1. natawa ako sa kanya, kung manggaya man lang dapat yong filipon accent. kaso ung pangpanggaya nya japanese accent ang resulta waaaaaaahhh..

  2. I agree with you. It's not offensive at all.

  3. Hmm.. At first, medyo nainis ako nang sobra sa kanya. I even posted the video's link sa fb wall ko.. calling her a "bitch".. Oh well, initial reaction ko. Na-offend kasi ako eh.. I was like "Yeah right!!! Parang ang galing raw niya mag English.. duh!!"..

    But then, napag-alaman ko rin na it was for a comedy show daw, and they were just making some jokes about accents. And she apologized naman daw (haven't seen that vid yet) And again, I was like.. "Sige, nag apologize naman pala.."

    Naisip ko rn na even us, Pinoys.. are making fun of our own native dialects, yung mga salita, pronunciation, intonation... at kahit nga yung accents ng mga tao sa ibang bansa, di rin nakakalusot sa atin..

    So yun.. initial reaction ko talaga, gusto ko siyang i-ban sa Pilipinas... pero nang kumalma na ako at nakapagisip nang maayos.. eh naging okay na rin ako.

    Still, in the future, she should bear in mind.. not all jokes are funny. People will have reactions to whatever they see on TV or hear on the radio... So dapat nag-iingat siya sa mga sinasabi niya. Lalo na kasi celebrity siya. She should choose her words wisely, especially if she's on international TV..

    Next time, Lee Da Hae.. But for now, you're forgiven.

  4. Personally, I don't think it's offensive at all! I was even laughing which is the purpose of the show. I've read her apology statement and she said that she didn't mention filipinos/ Philippines nor the host. Southeast Asia is what it is, perhaps somebody edited it! Perhaps a filipino! who knows? Filipinos as we know, we're too sensitive of small things. But really, even if -- they made fun of Filipino accent, it's somewhat true in some point. I am a teacher and I observe that myself, besides English isn't our first language so that is accepted! Again, just my view =)

  5. naku kawawa talaga ang mga tao na nang aalipusta sa nga pinoy.. hahaha.. kahit sino pa man yan mag aapologize talaga in public. pero kung nag apologize naman sya bakit hindi patawarin diba.. tao lang din yan.. kagaya natin.. aminin na natin na minsan ganun din naman talag magsalita ang iba sa atin.. bakit tayo nagagalit? dahil ba nainsulto tayo? hahaha.. opinion ko lang yun.. hehe


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