Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello November

So windy outside. The trees were dancing. Colorful leaves are falling on the street. The temperature is dropping and its getting colder everyday. I don't like this kind of season . Its almost like winter time which is I'm not looking forward to except for Christmas season :). Yep, you heard it right. I'm excited for Christmas. 

Today, hubby and I were pulling  the Halloween stuff down and  getting ready for the Christmas. As we put up our Christmas tree, I know we were missing something and that was the tree stand. We looked at our storage room and we couldn't find it. Thought we throw it away. So, we went to Walmart and look for a tree stand and a garland  but they don't have it yet. They just started stocking items for Christmas stuff and saw this Christmas tree display. I took picture since  it looks very nice and pretty.


  1. Hi Dustianne! Thanks for the comment on my blog and for following me... :)

  2. Hello Anne, same here I am excited to take my Christmas decoration and put up the Christmas tree! By the way like your Halloween decoration too. Thanks for the visit.
    Manang kim

  3. Indeed it is nice and pretty! Everyone seems to be excited for Christmas! Me too, but I still don't have the plan to decorate our house with Christmas! I am your new follower pls. follow back!

  4. these are great Christmas decors. advance merry Christmas!


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