Saturday, November 6, 2010

I am Manny and she is Inoue

Hi everyone, my name is Manny. I'm a Norwegian Forest cat. I am one year and half months old. I have a sister named Inoue. Our fur is white as a snow. Though we have the same color, you can tell the difference through our eyes and size. My eyes have two colors, green on the left and blue on the other side while Inoue both have emerald green eyes. I weight more heavier than my sister. I also have a fluffy tail. My parents adopted us when we were one week old. They are the one who gave our names. The name Manny was taken from a famous boxer Manny Paquiao while the name Inoue was from an Anime character Naruto.

I am very calm, behave and smart. Innoe likes to play, jump, climb and sometimes it annoys me because she's noisy(lol). I like to sleep a lot while she loves to watch tv and stay active.  We are indoor cats and litter box trained. We love each others company most especially around with people. We are very affectionate and child friendly. 

Our loving parents just moved into their own place. Sadly, they couldn't keep us since pets are limited into two and we are all four. They don't have a choice but to find us a better place to stay in. Luckily, someone called in and was interested on us. They are a loving family as well. They love cats and they provide us safe and  loving home. 
After a month, the family that took them called and let us know that they were doing fine, still adjusting to the new place and they got them fixed together . Looks like they are in good hands and well taking cared of with these new foster parents. Hubby and I were so glad that we find them a better home which is safe and secure and a loving family  who are  also a pet lover.


  1. Ang cute ni Manny! Aww.. too bad you can't really keep all four of them. Pero okay na rin kasi isang loving family rin naman ang nag-aalaga sa kanila ngayon. =)

    Gusto ko rin sanang magkaroon ng pusa na maaalagaan, though I'm not a cat person, gusto kong i-try. Pero I don't think it's a good idea. Kasi cat-haters tong mga aso ko.

    Anyway, dumaan lang dito, nagbasa at nagkomento. Gandang araw, Anne.

  2. i'm never fond of cats but yours are really cute and huggable.

    thanks for th visit! :D

    A Time To Weep and A Time To Laugh


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