Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TAG! My Perfect Imperfections

This tag is been running around YouTube and started by Andrea's choice. A video in which anyone or a girl in particular can share or talk about 3 things that they think imperfections about themselves and 3 things they  like about themselves. I find it interesting and I wanted to make a video response but my camcorder was broken (I accidentally step on it and until now, its still not working).

Instead of a video, I tagged myself and made a response by writing it  here on my blog. So here are the 3 things that I think my imperfections and 3 things that I like about myself.


Forehead - well as you can see in the picture, my forehead carry almost half space on my face (lol). That is why I made a bangs to cover the huge portion of my forehead.

Skin - I have a very sensitive skin especially when I came here in the US. I started to have lots of pimples and it usually leave dark spots. I easily get bruises every time I hit something  and I do scar  lot.

Arm- I have muscles. I don't know if you guys can see it but my arm looks big and needs to be toned. 


Hair - I have a straight long black hair. I would say it is easy to manage and I can make any styles that I want without damaging it.

Nose - I would say that my nose is not that tall nor short.

Height - I am 5 feet and 4 inches tall. I like it because my height is proportion to my body since I weight 106-110 lbs. I just wish I can maintain it forever..(wink!).

For me, this tag remind us that nobody is perfect. If we have these imperfections, don't bring ourselves down. Instead, we should all embrace these little quirky things about ourselves that make us who we are as a human, a loving and unique individual.


  1. I heard ages ago that a kind of forehead you have that means you are smart hehehe! That's what my friends also had a problem before when they get here in the US pimples, mine is dandruff and dry skin!! In the Philippines I had a problem with being so oily now it's too dry grrrr!!
    Anyway, you are pretty and with your height and body..tweet tweet!!

  2. Wow! You're quite tall, I'm jealous! Haha...I'm short I wish I am tall as you Hehe.

  3. @Kim: lol...thts funny :D, I also heard tht kind beliefs as well..
    When i was in Phil, i have this oily face too but never had a problem of having alot of pimples coz i manage to take care of it since i used ponds...I used it here but it doesn't work anymore..maybe my skin doesn't like the weathe and, Thanks Ms KIm :)

    @Pinky: thank you :)..yah i am but when i said to my hubby I am tall. He always told me I am short for him since his height is 6'4''

  4. wow! i like your height! i'm barely 5 feet, but i accepted that a long time ago, lol!

  5. Hey Anne! I kinda like this post. That's true, nobody is perfect... but whoever loves us, in their eyes, we are. They will see past our imperfections and accept us for who we truly are.

    What I do with my imperfections? I play around them... Like how you do it with your bangs...

    For in the end, what will matter are the things we do, the words we say and the way we made others feel...

    Take care anne! Thanks for dropping by my blog! Continue inspiring others!

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