Thursday, December 2, 2010

24 chocolate days 'til Christmas!

Its 24 days until Christmas! Yep, I'm counting down the days now. Christmas is really in the air huh? I can hear Christmas songs now played on the radio. See Christmas decorations and lights in every houses in our neighborhood.

Anyway, hubby got each one of us an Advent Calendar a week ago. It is a Christmas calendar filled with 24 milk chocolates. It has a corresponding numbers from 1-24. It means that you will open the tiny box everyday and eat the chocolate inside of it from day of December first until Christmas day. Every  candy has different Christmas design and drawing you'll see inside.

Its one of their Christmas tradition of hubby and his brother  when they were kids. I myself never tried this before and I find it  pretty cool and fun. It makes easier for me to countdown the days til Christmas by just opening the box of chocolate everyday.


  1. Hmm. a calendar with chocolates inside? How cool! Ang saya siguro ano.. everyday you'd get to eat chocolate.. then you'd feel excited for tomorrow kasi meron ulit chocolate. hihi! Matry nga yan sa pamangkin ko..

    Malapit na tlaga ang Christmas! Yay!!! Anne, gift ko ha.. ipa LBC mo na lang. JOKE. Hahaha!!!


  2. That's cool! Yay! I'm excited na kasi lapit na christmas.


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