Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snowman Christmas Card

Another tradition on Christmas is to send your family and friends a Christmas card. I don't usually buy a card because I myself make my own Christmas card. Aside from cost effective, it is also more personalized and made by your own uniqueness.

Below are the first batch that I made. It is Snowman Christmas cards. We're going to send these ones to my in-laws house, grand parent's house and granma's house.


  1. wow that's sweet and very creative..

    advance merry christmas..


  2. Cool... I still remember when mails get jammed on Christmas coz there were still no mobile phones or Internet weren't as popular...

    And I was so happy when as a kid I got that Christmas card which happily plays a Christmas jingle everytime I open it...

    Show Me Your Look Today

    Merry Christmas Anne!

  3. very creative Anne! Happy Holidays!


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