Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mall Tour with a friend

Who said that only celebrities allowed to have a Mall Tour? Well, no one really said that but me (lol). Anyway, me and a friend of mine had a mall tour earlier today. We went to Clackamas Town Center not for shows but for window shopping which ends up buying couple things. Seriously! every store that we enter,  most of them have a clearance sale going on up to 50-80% off.  I promise myself I will not buy anything  but those prices and deals are so temping. 

So I ended up buying this Aeropostale cardigan hoodie for only $7.99. The original price was $49.00. They have pretty much nice stuff but I decided to just buy this one.

I also got this black gladiator shoes by Fioni. I bought it from Payless store. It was originally $29.99 but they're having a "bogo sale" which if you buy 2 items, the other one is half off the price. My friend and I love the shoes so we got it and we ended up paying $20 bucks something each.

And lastly, we will not be leaving the Mall without having some sweet treat at Cinnabon. As you guys know I'm not really into sweets but hubby and my friend do. They both love Cinnabon! We ordered the Cinnabon Classic roll and I also ordered one to take home for hubby.

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