Friday, January 28, 2011

What's inside my purse

Hello Everyone! Today I'm going to show you what are the things I usually carry with me inside my purse.When I go to work, I always use between this two cute little purses or should i say hand bags. The white one was given to me by my mother in law and the black was one of  the Christmas gift that i received from hubby.

These are the following that I always have inside my bag:

Cellphone pouch - I used to put my old cellphone in this pouch but now i got a bigger one, it doesn't fit in  here anymore so instead, i ended up putting all my keys and use it as my key chain.   
Coach Poppy Graffiti skinny wallet- This is where I put all my identifications, debit card, gift cards and receipts.
Chapstick & Lipstick - it is important to have it since the weather here makes your lips dry quickly.
Mirror- this mirror is been with me forever! This has been so useful to me. I got this one when I was still in college and as far as i remember, I bought this for only Php2.00 or a $.01 (penny)  and I also put my picture at the back of the mirror (silly!
Mints/gum - freshens breath after we eat somewhere. It also works for me every time I have an upset stomach.
Pepper spray/mace- every girl MUST have this! Hubby's grandparents got gave this to me  to use as my personal self-defense to anyone.
dental floss - its good to have this rather than a toothpick ;).
coin purse - I always have coins with me in case I need to buy something from vending machine at work.
lotion -  my hand gets dry easily especially during this winter season so I make sure I have it with me. 
hand sanitizer - its more convenient when I have my hand sanitizer with me just in case I feel that my hands are dirty.
Mobile Phone - my phone is not in the photo because I used it when i took this picture. And of course, it is one of those important things that I always have with me even if I don't carry my bag.

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  1. wow! cool stuff.. you're right, we all should get pepper spray for self defense..


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