Saturday, February 12, 2011

My top ten visited websites

If I'm with my lappy everyday, do you guys wonder what websites that I always go and check into? Just for some information that I wanted to share you guys. Here are the 10 websites that I like to chill, stay and visit. Might not visit everyday (some sites) but there's is no week that I'm gonna miss checking it since these sites are saved in my bookmark page.
1. Google - This is my search engine. I love to search using Google. Anything you need to find answers or asks questions, just Google it and you'll find answer.

2. Facebook - Who doesn't have Facebook nowadays? I'm pretty sure every person visit in this site. It is one way for me to keep in touch the rest of my family and friends back home.

3. Yahoo mail - I've been using my yahoo email address for 7 years now. I haven't ever switch it. I always check my email everyday so there no day that I'm going to miss this site (lol).

4. Blogger/ Rolfeinna's Blog - This is my latest favorite past times, I really do love blogging. I learned a lot of things and I know, I still have more to learn.

5. Youtube - One way of my entertainment here on internet is to watch videos on Youtube. I really like watching tutorials and shows that I missed to watch on television aside from my favorite songs.

6. Word of Filipinas - It is a website where in there's a forum discussion, guides and information to make the immigration journey much easier.  This site is really helpful for us in terms of immigration stuff. It is also the best forum for Filipino-American relationship that I have been to. The people are approachable and friendly.

7. Ebay - Online shopping (lol)! I love to check eBay once in awhile and every time I get bored (lol).You can find some good deals here as well.

8. Netflix - Hubby and I love to watch movie. I always check this site if there are new movies that just comes out. We watch through this site twice or trice a week.

9. PayPal - I visit this site to check  and pay every time I buy something online. It is safer than to use your debit card or any of your bank information.

10. Twitter / Friendster - I don't usually on twitter however, I just hop in sometimes to see whats my favorite celebrities doing (lol). I'm also not into Friendster anymore. I used to before but since most of my friends and family are into Facebook, I rarely visit it now.

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