Friday, February 11, 2011

Wanna go to Hawaii

Its been so cold lately and I'm not enjoying my everyday routine. This kind of weather makes me lazy. When I had my first year here, I was really excited to experience the winter for the reason that I wanna touch the real snow. But now I am getting tired and unhappy of it. I just wanna escape from this freezing season and wanna go to some place where the weather is so warm with alluring beaches and nice houses makes you wanna stay for more. 
Florida, California and Hawaii are just few of my choices. Among those three, Hawaii is on my number one list. I have a friend who just moved there and told me that it is really a nice place. The weather is just similar to Philippines where in it is a Tropical place. The beaches are so fascinating! She keeps telling me that Hawaii is the perfect place to live into. She also told me that Hawaii real estate is also associated with fancy houses.  Now she's planning and saving money so she can buy one in the future.

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