Saturday, March 26, 2011

My 2nd year in the US

I just remember that today is my second year living in this country. Oh how time flies so fast! It seems like yesterday when I first stepped on the land of PDX. Looking back, we arrived past 8 in the morning. I still remember that day when hubby and I got out from the ramp of the airport  to ride a shuttle bus and  will take us to other building. The temperature was 42degrees outside and I was wearing 3 layers of clothes with my open-toe wedge shoes. Hubby was walking too fast carrying our luggage while I myself having a hard time from the cold environment. I was freezing! I felt like somebody threw me inside the fridge (lol).

When we got out from the airport, there were already three people waiting for us. And that was the first time I met his parents and his brother. They handed me a very nice and thick coat. They knew that I'm gonna be cold (lol). Then we headed to Elmers for breakfast. I don't have any idea what to order that time. All I knew was scramble egg. Everything was American food, I don't even know what a hash brown is (lol). Hubby helped me to order. I was surprised when they serve this huge plate in front of me.The plate looks good for 4 persons (in the Philippines).  And they told me not to make myself sick, just eat whatever I can and don't feel bad. But still I felt bad coz I couldn't finish it all. After some chitchats, they drop us off to Hubby's apartment and gave us rest of the day to have our time. I was fun, exciting and unforgettable memories for me :) .

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  1. Wow! two years already??? I have been here for a year. Ang bilis ng panahon. Any plans on going back home for vacation? :)


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