Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Prayers for Japan

I guess everyone knows that Japan is having this big crisis going on because of the 8.9 earthquake and massive tsunami happened last March 11th  of this year.  This huge tsunami swamps several coastal communities, swept homes and cars, burned buildings, etc. Thousands of people were homeless and suffering from hunger. It really leaves a major damage to the country. And here comes this life threatening nuclear plant.

Today, somebody on my Facebook friends shared some link/video. A news of what still happening in Japan. As I watched the video, I was teary eyed and goosebumps is in my entire body. My heart was broken watching the sadness and grief from their faces. People lost their loved ones and everything. I can't imagine myself having this kind of nightmare I may call it. I feel their lost and pain. My prayers to each and everyone who are affected by this tragedy. Lord, heal our land, Father heal our land and please keep us away from danger, protect us always and  please turn our nation back to you. 
Night...not just at night but anytime and anywhere. (Its the best way that we can do).

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