Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Its my 24th birthday!

It is another year of my life. I am overwhelm of how Blessed I am! To my hubby, my family and with the people around me. Thank you God for everything...I couldn't ask for more. I am  also thankful for everyone who spent their time to come and enjoy one on my special day despite of their busy schedule.

April 24th
It was Easter sunday, a day before my birthday. I was so glad that hubby and I were able to go to church in the morning. Then, I don't have any idea that hubby throw a surprise birthday party for me that afternoon. I was surprised when I enter the restaurant I saw my in laws, brother in law and couple of our friends already waiting for us the table.

with my family and friends at Asian Restaurant
with my one and only amazing  Prince ♥

April 25th
Our friends came over on my birthday. We get together, hang out for couple hours , played Wii, ate Filipino foods, BBQ, one of our friend made us delicious dessert ever too. And lastly, we took pictures and videos. The presence of everyone made it more fun and specia. Thank you Lord :). 

Two of my close friend
with our friends together

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