Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Victoria Secret mini haul

March 28, 2011

I think you guys know how much love to shop at Victoria Secret with their fragrance and body care collections. Aside for my own personal use, I also share it to my sisters back home since they were also a fan of VS products. So I signed up to their e-mail for me to receive exclusive online and in-store offers and sales.  Until then, I always got an email everyday about what's new styles and products they have. Sometimes it gets annoying though coz they sends me some stuffs that  I don't usually buy or want (lol). Move forward, I told hubby about it that these emails bugs me coz it turned out to a junk/spam email . Just earlier today, I received an email from them again however, this time is the one that I have been waiting for (well I guess they're not annoying now...lol). They had a sale going on Secret Garden Collections which is 8 for only $35. And I told hubby since we are going to Clackamas Town Center today, why not stop by at VS store? And he just answered... see? you like Victoria Secret (lol).

When we got there, the lady told us that the 8 for $35 sale is only valid at online purchase. However, they still have 6 for $30 sale on Secret Garden Collections. I was kinda disappointed about it but hubby insist to buy it for me. And there yah go! I got the 6 mix and match VS Secret Garden Collections. I also got a secret rewards card which I can use on my next purchase next month!

April 12, 2011
I redeem my Secret reward today and it was worth $10 :). I was happy about it. I bought this push-up bra which comes from a set of 2 (black & white) for $32 bucks less my $10 rewards card so I only paid $22.00. Not bad of a good deal I got there.


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  1. I love VS too but the product that I so love they are not producing it anymore. VS is what I also like to send home for my SIL, nieces and cousins for it the Philippines it cost a lot. Love their bags too and I am going to check it out their sale today. ^_^


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