Monday, April 11, 2011

Sweet potato fries for a treat

***Guest post written by Kelly Parks***

One of my favorite kinds of foods is sweet potato fries. I remember I tried them a few years ago when I was on vacation in a nice restaurant and thought they were about the greatest thing ever. I always loved sweet potatoes and every time now that I go to a restaurant where they offer those fries, I'm sure to order them.

But I got really inspired the other day and decided that I would try and make some sweet potato fries on my own. When I was looking for a recipe, I came across the website Satellite Star and after I looked through it a little bit, I decided to sign up for the internet service on there.

It ends up that there's quite a bit to making sweet potato fries, well a little more than regular old fries. I had to make a butter mix to dip them all in before I actually fried them, but they turned out tasting really great! I was surprised that they turned out so well because I wasn't entirely confident in my abilities.


  1. oh, i think it's as good as traditional french fries, just... SWEETER? lol!

  2. Wow! Home-made fries!!! Sarap naman nyan! Ako, hindi marunong.. hehehe... lagi na lang, yung mga fastfood fries, or yung nakaplastik na at ready-to-cook fries. hihi.. tamad kasi..

    Ms Anne, ngayon lang din ako nakadalaw. Medyo tinatamad mag update ngayon kasi kakauwi ko lang from Bacolod City. Nagbakasyon ulit dun.. for 1week lang naman. hehe..

    Dun nako medyo naglalagi sa tagalog blog ko.. pero syempre, hindi ko naman pinapabayaan ang Trasures. Medyo tinatamad nga lang as of now.

    Nagbisita rito Ms Anne.. Gandang evening. :)

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