Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's day!

Today is mother's day and I would like to acknowledge the two mothers in my life.  One of my most important person for me is my mama. She's the one who gave us unconditional love and care. She's very unselfish and kind. If there is only 4 pieces of bread for five people, she will give us one of each and doesn't care about herself. I am a mama's girl every time I get sick. I love to have my mother beside me. Her mother's love and care will make me feel better even if she's not a doctor. She is very supportive and  I would like to Thank her for making me who I am right now.  For bringing us into this world and raised us with good manners. A word thank you is not enough to what she have been done to all of us siblings.

When I moved here in the US, one thing that I'm worried of is not to be with my family especially my mama with me.  However, I am so Blessed that God gave me the greatest people in my life. He gave me a second mother and that is my mother-in-law. She is the most nicest person I know ever! She treat me like her own biological daughter. She's one of those person that I feel comfortable talking and sharing with. She's not also a mother but I consider her as one of my best friend and sister ;). She's one of those people that is really helpful to me as part of my adjustments to my new country.

Happy mother's day to my two special moms! I'm so Blessed that I have a two great mothers. I wanna be like them when the time I have my own kids.  And  to my sister, sister-in-law, granmas, and to all moms, mama, mommy, mamu, Inay, mothers, nanays, around the world...Happy mother's day...mwah!

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  1. Super belated happy mother's day to ur wonderful mom! :)


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