Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My recent pagerank

Google PageRank Checker

Looking back, it was October of 2009 when I first started to make a blog. I was so curious when I know couple people also a stay at home mom/wife which do blogging and can earn from it . I got motivated to make one so I research and learned it myself.  Then couple months later, I get tired and I stopped writing. After a year I came back with a new name of my blog and finally push myself to do blogging. However, maintaining a blog is really hard especially when you don't have time, busy at work or just lack of ideas what to write. That's  why I sometimes write articles off and on. Some of those were interesting and boring ones...lol. But I also find myself entertained, relaxed and stress free when I do these things.

Just now, I checked my Pagerank and I was very much surprise. I got rank2!!! Woohooo! I can't believe this! I was very happy when I found out. I will try to maintain this as best as I can. Thanks for those people who always drop by and spend their time reading some of my boring/nonsense posts (lol) . I promise to do better. Your are loved....Anne :) .

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