Monday, October 17, 2011

Kids don't get it

***The article written by Alonso Kramer***

My kids don’t seem to understand that we live way out in the country and that we just don’t have access to high speed internet service. We’ve got satellite and that’s fine for what they need to do but they’re always complaining because their friends play all these live-action video games and they can’t. You know what, even if we could I don’t think I would let them! So many of the video games I see have themes and situations I just don’t want my kids dealing with at their age and I don’t know that I would rather have them inside in front of a computer rather than outside playing, you know? They’re great kids but sometimes they need more discipline than they think they do and I want to set them up to have happy, productive lives and not be glued to a screen all the time. That’s my goal as a mom and I think it’s my duty to make sure I follow through with it until they’re old!

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