Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine date night

Do you wanna celebrate your valentine with your special someone on a heart's day but  both of your schedule doesn't allow you since you work that night? After a long busy day, you still wanna do something but you're too tired to go some place? Why make a reservation and waiting in line of crowds on Valentines day while you can do it at home ;). There is nothing but romantic evening while spending the night with your love having dinner and watch your favorite movie together.
While some couples are out for dinner, I myself just stayed at home cooking and waiting for hubby to come home from work. To make it special, I prepared a romantic dinner for both of us. I cooked his ever favorite dish and  made a little dessert. I also made him a card and a Hershey's kisses bouquets. I must love this guy!lol... not just Valentines day but 365 days a year and 7 days a week <3 .  Well, I know that he loves me doubt! ;). Hope you guys had a wonderful Valentines day not only with you significant other but also with your families and friends. Remember, the true measure of love is a love without measure.... Love, love love! mwah!

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