Monday, May 7, 2012

The Avengers: My second best films of all time

The last time I see myself crazy on movies/series was my highschool/teenage years when 'Meteor Garden' and F4 came out. And now, I can see it all over again in me, lol. I am hooked into this superheroes and feel in love with one of them (lol). The moment I knew that they're going to make a movie with it, I was really anxious. I was counting the days until the showing. I wanted to watch the premier, the night it came out on theaters but due to work schedule I wasn't able see it.  And yesterday, we finally watch the movie that I've been waiting for almost a year now. You know I'm talking about right?lol... Yeah, its 'The Avengers'!!!

I must say that this film goes above and beyond of any of those Marvel superhero movies. Don't get me wrong, I love Iron man, Captain America and especially Thor on their successful single movie. Each of them has its own characters. But putting it all together in one was just awesome! So many pick up lines that made me laughed so hard. The sound effects were amazing, perfect casts and actors, great story and so many humors!  You'll surely not be bored. Truly worthy of all the compliments and the record they had so far. 'The Avengers' is definitely in my top 2 of the best films ever made in my opinion. I was entertained. I'm absolutely an avid and crazy fan :D. 
Not to spoil you but I just wanna share some funny scenes and memorable lines in the movie :D.   

Tony Stark: I thought we were having a moment.
Pepper Potts
: I was having twelve percent of a moment.  

Loki: [Hulk and Loki fighting. Everything stops] I am a God! I am not going to be bullied by a...
The Hulk : [
Hulk grabs him by the legs and throws him around] Puny God! 

Thor: We on Asgard pretend that we are more advanced, but we, we come here battling like Bilchsteim.
Agent Phil Coulson
: Like what?
: The Bilchsteim, you know; huge, scaly, big antlers. You don't have those?
Agent Phil Coulson
: Don't think so.
: They are repulsive, and they trample everything in their path. 

Thor: He's my brother
Black Widow: He killed 80 people in 2 days
Thor: ...He's adopted 

me: ....LMAO!!!!


  1. Larry and I saw the movie on Sunday and I completely agree!!! A must see (maybe even two or three times!)

  2. naturally so, crowd favorites Ironman, Captain America and Thor got more screentime in the movie. hhaahaha,


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