Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Top 10 favorite rides at Disneyland Resort

When we were in Disneyland I got to experience different types of rides. I did pretty good considering it was my first time to ride most of them. I was pretty impressed with how much work and money they put into. Every detailed rides was just spectacular and very creative! No words can express how AMAZING my experience was! So below I listed my top ten favorite. So if you've been to Disneyland, what's you favorite ride of all? would love to read your comments ;).

1. Star Tours - my number one favorite ride of all where you just sit in just like a very small theater (maybe a capacity of 20- 25 people) and watch 3D movie however this ride takes you to a thrilling journey . With multiple storylines and locations, many different Star Tours adventures await you. Its like you're inside the airplane, spaceship or something. Riding once is not enough. Its just amazing and we rode a couple times! 

2. Soarin' Over California - this is located in California Adventures in Disneyland resort. It is a mild and wild ride where in you are seated in a multi-passenger glider and lifted 40 feet into the air.  Swoop up and soar towards the clouds and see spectacular California landmarks. It feels like you are flying in the sky! If you're afraid of heights, this is not for you :).

3. Indiana Jones Adventure -maximum of 12-person troop transport for a fast-paced bumpy and thrill ride that realistically simulates driving fast over rough terrain. As you go through this expedition, you'll hear screaming undead mummies, see erupting lava, evil wraiths, giant snakes and pass a narrow collapsing bridges. This experience is really unique and exciting.

4. Pirates of the Carrabean - my very first ride in Disneyland. You're seated in a small boat and sailed like you're in the ocean. There are couple short drops but not too wild, and I love it! It is mild and fun for everyone. I love the smell and mist of the water, the music played  and the ambiance of the overall voyage.  Pirates are singing... ''yo ho yo ho, a pirates life for me''.

5. It's a Small World - a very relaxing and colorful ride. Embark on "the happiest cruise that ever sailed!" The tour delightful pastel scenes from around the globe, meet fantastical friends and sing along with a cherished Disney melody. "it's a small world" .  This song stuck in my head for couple It's fun not just for little ones but also for adults like me ;).

6. Grizzly River Run - this is also located at California Adventures. The journey goes along to the foothills of the mountains culminates in a thrilling, spinning plunge down a runaway river. Expect to get wet with this rafting adventure. I just love being in the water on a hot summer day.

7. Space Mountain - the intense ride that I can Its like a roller coaster ride but you're actually in the dark, like you're in the outer space.  All you can see are stars and hear people If you are sleepy and tired, this ride makes you

8. The Haunted Mansion - a mild ride where you see scary stuff as what you've seen on horror movie like floating candle, old crypts, gravestones, and  hear ghost singing, lol. If you like Halloween, you might like this one too.

9. Toy Story Mania - this is located at California Adventures. I like the fact that it's 4 dimensional and you get to wear 3d glasses. It is an interactive ride. So it is fun for both adults and children.

10. The Jungle cruise - a ride that you're cruising on a jungle river with a tour guide telling you a story. You see wild and exotic animals. Like elephants, gorillas, proud lions and angry hippos, crocodiles, tigers, butterflies, etc. (which are all man-made) So don't be scared :) .

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