Sunday, July 6, 2014

Retail therapy: 4th of July sale

have to admit, I'm one of those shoppers who doesn't pay for full price (unless it is needed). My motto is always been why pay full where you can get it on sale or by just using a coupon?!. It is not being cheap, it is being smart. Coz shopping with a fabulous bargain is always a winner for me. That's why I call it 'retail therapy' coz it makes me happy and proud.  

So much for that, we went to Outlet Mall yesterday and they had a huge '4th of July' sale event. Visited couple stores and made some damage on hubby's wallet lol. 

 Let's begin with this fabulous find that we got from Puma. It's men's future cat ferari. Original Price $110 but it was on clearance for $82.50 plus extra 75% off so we ended up paying $27.50. That was a steal!

Drift cat Ferari for boys,  orginal price was $60.00 but its half off so we paid $30.00
Stripe polo shirt $5.99 and short was $3.99 plus additional 30% off for both so we paid $4.20 for te shirt and $2.80 for the short.
I got this summer dress at Banana Republic for only $12.99. Original $39.99
Looked at Gap and they had this Linen short on sale too for $4.99 , originally $39.99. So I ended up getting it.

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